Councils & Committees

Coordinating Council | Christian Education Council | Governance Council | Ministries Council
Missions Council | Resources Council | Worship Council

Coordinating Council

Todd Jones, Moderator of Session
Jimmy Webb, Clerk of Session
Tom Stumb, Associate Clerk of Session
Overton Colton, Christian Education Council Chair
Lee Barfield, Governance Council Chair
Craig Buffkin, Ministries Council Chair
Michael Baron, Missions Council Chair
Bryant Tirrill, Resources Council Chair
Susan Hindman, Worship Council Chair
Scott McConnell, Diaconate Executive Committee Chair
Chuck Lassing, Finance & Budget Committee Chair/Treasurer

Christian Education Council – Overton Colton, Chair

Adult Education Committee – Todd Smith, Chair
Early Preschool Committee – Emma McDaniel, Chair
Ministry with Children & Their Families – Lauren Ross, Chair
Youth Education Committee – Scott McConnell, Chair

Governance Council – Lee Barfield, Chair

Communications Committee – Will Clark, Chair
Diaconate Executive Committee – Scott McConnell, Chair
Governing Bodies Committee – Waymon Tipton, Chair
Long Range Planning Committee – Bill Kirby & Bob LaGrone, Co-Chairs
Officer Nominating Committee – Lee Barfield, Chair
Officer Training & Enrichment Committee – Hal Collier, Chair
Personnel Committee – Lynn Kendrick, Chair

Ministries Council – Craig Buffkin, Chair

Congregational Care Committee – Laura Coyle, Chair
Hospitality & Evangelism Committee – Sharon Schweinhart, Chair
Oak Hill School Board – Les Coble, Chair
Older Adult Ministry Committee – Hal Sauer, Chair
Presbyterian Women – Helen Dale, Moderator
Recreation Committee – Bill Oldacre, Chair
Young Adult Ministry Committee – Brent Moody, Chair

Missions Council – Michael Baron, Chair

Adult Missions Committee – John Wimberly, Chair
Disaster Response Committee – Suzan Hindman, Chair
Local Missions Committee – Waymon Tipton, Chair
National & World Missions Committee – Les Coble, Chair
New Church Development Committee – Bob LaGrone, Chair
Seminarian Support Committee – Hal Collier, Chair
Youth & College Missions Committee – Helen Dale, Chair

Resources Council – Bryant Tirrill, Chair

Columbarium Committee – Katie Sue Ford, Chair
Endowment Committee – Benjamin Carswell, Chair
Finance & Budget Committee – Chuck Lassing, Chair
Investment Committee – Malcolm Liles, Chair
Property Committee – John Wimberly, Chair

Worship Council – Suzan Hindman, Chair

Bereavement Service Committee – Dean Reeves, Chair
Bereavement Visitation Committee – Katie Sue Ford, Chair
Music Committee – Mickey Fitts, Chair
Sacraments Committee – Tom Stumb, Chair
Ushering Committee – Chris Kirkland, Chair
Worship Flowers Committee – Kelly McMullen, Chair

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