Session & Diaconate

The Session – Ruling Elders

The Session is the duly constituted council of First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee, consisting of all teaching elders (pastors) and ruling elders in active service.  The office of ruling elder and the duties and responsibilities of the Session in a Presbyterian church are patterned on the overseer of the early church.  It has ultimate responsibility for all facets of the life of the church, its mission, and its government.  The importance of this office is emphasized by the fact that our denomination takes its name from presbuteros, the Greek word for elder.

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019

Lee Barfield
Les Coble
Tom Cunningham
Helen Dale
Suzan Hindman
Malcolm Liles
Austin McMullen
Chip Smith
Todd Smith
Jack Stringham
Rebecca Walker
Jimmy Webb

Lawson Allen
Cathy Altenbern
Michael Baron
Andrew Byrd
Stuart Campbell
Benjamin Carswell
Hal Collier
Overton Colton
Lynn Kendrick
Marie Maxwell
Brent Moody
Waymon Tipton

Ellie Billington
Craig Buffkin
Kathy Celauro
Peter Cobb
Laura Coyle
Tom Davis
Wally Dietz
Bob LaGrone
Hal Sauer
Tom Stumb
Bryant Tirrill
John Wimberly

 The Diaconate – Deacons

The Diaconate is the board of deacons of First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, consisting of all deacons in active service. The primary purpose of deacons is to serve those in need.  This ministry of compassion may take many forms, but it is most directly implicated in the work of the church’s ministry and mission councils. The Diaconate serves as an advisory body to the Session, and deacons assist the ruling elders in performing many of the functions assigned to the Session.

Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019

Brian Austin
Mary Lee Bartlett
Jon Bechtel
Mike Crout
Emily Dresch
Bob Elliott
Barbara Fisher
Rex Gardner
David Goodcase
Rob Hull Sr.
Chris Kirkland
Scott McConnell
Emma McDaniel
Allison Milam
Lauren Ross
Jerry Sewell
Weeza Swain
Tom Van Pernis
Robert West
Hobbs Yarbrough

Jess Andrews
Frank Blair
Lipscomb Davis
Annie Flanagin
Carrie Hininger
Susan Kaestner
Matt King
Mary Pillow Kirk
Jay Milam
Bill Oldacre
Jimmy Pickel
Sims Polk
Marianne Sabis
Sharon Schweinhart
Chris Simonsen
Tim Vaughn
Elizabeth Wagster
Ryan Walker
Stephen Ward
Jessie Yancey
Dana Atkins
Wilson Brim
Ian Byram
Holly Coltea
Wally Conyers
Ken Crews
Duncan Dashiff
Max Fuller
Travis Hill
Cabot Hyde
John Keller
Chuck Lassing
Laura May
Rodney Przybylinski
Linda Sauer
Worth Scott
Graham Swafford
Lance Vest
Margaret Walker
Andrew Wall

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