Communities of Belonging

Our church is committed to building an even better community within our church family through a new initiative called Communities of Belonging. 

A Community of Belonging can come in all shapes and sizes. It is a group that:
1. Meets at least once a quarter together.
2. Has a faith component during their gathering.
3. Engages in sharing life with each other.
4. Pray together.

We already have over 160 Communities of Belonging at our church, ranging from Bible Studies to committees. Finding community is an integral part of growing in faith, and the Communities of Belonging initiative hopes to provide opportunities for new relationships to be built. Life has a way of pulling us in many directions, and we recognize the desire to connect beyond just Sunday mornings.  We are excited about this new season in our church as we explore together how every member can be the connected body of Christ.

We appreciate your participation in the Communities of Belonging survey! We look forward to sharing with you how First Presbyterian Church will be using the feedback we received.

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