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The Hospitality and Evangelism Committee of First Presbyterian Church is pleased to announce the formation of the Forks & Fellowship dinner groups. Each group will consist of approximately ten adults from the church who will meet on a monthly basis for the purpose of sharing, fellowship and faith. The dinner groups are open to adults of all ages, both married and single. Each month will showcase an overall theme with tips about restaurants to try, a menu with recipes to enjoy, and a blessing to share. Your group can use these suggestions or do something completely different. Several times a year, the individual Forks & Fellowship groups will join together for an outreach mission project serving the Nashville community.

If you’re interested in an opportunity to get to know others in your church family over friendly conversation in a relaxed atmosphere, we invite you to join the fun!

For more information, see the list of Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the enrollment form.

Forks & Fellowship

  • Select all the areas of town you are willing to drive to.
  • Fill this out only if you want to be placed with those near your age.
  • Fill this out only if there is someone you would like to be in a group with.
  • This person will help be the liason between the church and the dinner group. Each group needs one! See the FAQs for more info about this role.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forks & Fellowship?
Forks & Fellowship dinner groups will consist of approximately ten adults from the church per group meeting on a monthly basis for the purpose of sharing and fellowship. Each month will showcase an overall theme with tips about restaurants to try, a menu with recipes to enjoy, and a new blessing to share. Your group can use these suggestions for your night that month or do something completely different! We’ll just provide you with some ideas if you want to use them.

If I am married, can I sign up as an individual?
Yes! On the form, you can select whether you want to join as an individual or as a couple.

What age person are these dinner groups geared towards? 
These dinner groups are for adult members of all ages.

How are the groups selected?

Based on your responses to the form, we will put groups together based on your likes and wishes.

Is the church involved in the groups?
No. We help set up the groups, then step back. Your Forks & Fellowship Communications Coordinator will communicate with you directly once the groups are formed. Each individual group will then be in charge of setting its own schedule and location arrangements.

What is a Forks & Fellowship Communications Coordinator?
In order to make each of these dinner groups a success, we have found that it is best to have one point person to communicate with. Don’t worry, this person is not the one who cooks every meal or hosts every gathering. Rather, this person will receive the communications about the restaurant suggestions, menu and recipes at the first of each month. He/she will also help organize and communicate with his/her group about the next month’s location, date and time. The coordinator can also send photos to the church that are taken from your gatherings! If you are interested in being this person for your group, make sure you check that box on the form.

How many times a year do the groups meet?
We suggest meeting on a monthly basis. We will provide you with the theme, restaurant suggestions, menu with recipes every month for the whole year. Your group can decide if your group wants to take the holidays or summer off. Remember, if one month doesn’t work for you then you can always skip that month!

How do the dinners work?
They can work in different ways:
1. The host or hostess can provide the main course while other group members bring the side dishes and dessert.
2. Everyone in the group can bring a dish for the group to share.
3. The group can meet at a local restaurant.

Who schedules the dinners?
At the end of each meeting, the group confers to schedule the next dinner.

Will there be a Bible study component to the gatherings?
The goal of Forks & Fellowship is for food and fellowship. There is not a Bible study or devotion component, but we will give you a blessing each month that the host may say, if they choose.

Do I have to attend every month?
Life is hard and it is often difficult to commit to something every month. If you miss one or more of the gatherings, that is okay.

I don’t feel comfortable having new people over to my place for dinner. Can I still sign up?
Ideally, each member of the group would take a turn hosting at their home. If you have a concern about hosting in your home, please don’t let that prevent you from signing up. You can sign up to be a part of the group that meets at local restaurants instead.

What if I don’t like to cook?
If you do not enjoy cooking, there is still a place for you in Forks & Fellowship. On the enrollment form, make sure you indicate that you want to dine in restaurants. We can place you in a group with other members that enjoy eating out just like you do!

Is childcare offered?
Childcare will not be provided by the church. Participants will need to make their own arrangements.

How is Forks & Fellowship different than the Young Adult Supper Clubs? 
The Young Adult Supper Clubs are organized differently than Forks & Fellowship dinner groups. The Young Adult Supper Clubs are designed for young adults and the format is to gather at the same host/mentor’s house every month. This host/mentor cooks for the group to allow the young adults to have plenty of fellowship time.

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