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Our mission is to know Christ, to make Him known and to exhibit His love through worship, education and service. It is our prayer that the Parish Ministry will be a means through which the church can embrace all of its members in a fellowship of love that makes Christ known to one another and strengthens us for service to a world that desperately needs to see Christ in us.

We hope through the Parish Ministry to open channels of communication and to enable the church to provide the best congregational care to its members.

All church members belong to a parish according to the neighborhood in which they live. There are forty-five town parishes and another parish for members who live out of town and, in some cases, out of the country. Every town parish has one or more leaders who stay informed of births, deaths and hospitalizations within their groups. Then parish leaders can call, visit or send cards to those members. The leaders also inform the church staff of members in their parishes in need of congregational care. Parish leaders serve as representatives of First Presbyterian Church in their neighborhoods.

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