Green Bean Drop 2013 — Extra Hands Needed!

Green Bean Drop 2013 — Extra Hands Needed!

Green-Bean-Drop-2Mark your calendar for Thursday, June 27, for participating in Round #2 of this phenomenal experience! The Green Bean Drop is again being brought to FPC through the efforts of Linda Tozer, Tennessee Program Coordinator for the Society of St. Andrew, “Gleaning America’s Fields — Feeding America’s Hungry.”

Last summer as a part of our Vacation Bible School, the elementary children, the VBS staff, and miscellaneous parents and friends and FPC staff members gathered under the trees near the Tyne Boulevard entrance in 109-degree weather to sort and bag 2,088 pounds of green beans that otherwise would have been left in the fields to spoil.

Crew chief Hal Sauer, accompanied by Jerry Breast, Brian Jorgenson and Skip Stevenson, had driven their pickup trucks the previous day to Cookeville, which we now know as the “green bean capital of the world,” to pick up four truckloads of beans, picked mechanically, but rejected as too long or too short or otherwise unfit to meet the quality control standards of the canning industry. VBS staff members met the drivers at the church to unload the beans onto 12 large tarps spread on the lawn. This was the sight that greeted families arriving for the last day of VBS in 2012.

“Sorting” meant separating the still usable beans from the dirt clods that were picked up in the collection process. “Bagging” meant stuffing the beans into 5-pound (when full) mesh bags that were later delivered to agencies that feed hungry people: Joseph’s Storehouse, Nashville Rescue Mission, Martha O’Brien, Preston Taylor Ministries, Nashville Food Project and Downtown Presbyterian Church. Through the work of several hundred pairs of hands of a wide range of ages, but mostly those of children in grades 1-6, needy people in the greater Middle Tennessee area ate an estimated 6,384 servings of green beans.

The VBS children and staff need your help to sort and bag!Green-Bean-Drop-3

  • The date is Thursday, June 27, 2013.
  • The time is whatever you can spare between 9:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m. 
  • Park in the upper lots on the Tyne Boulevard side.
  • Wear old clothes; bring a water bottle and a snack or lunch.
  • Tote a low folding chair or stool, if sitting on the ground is hard on your knees.

Contact Bekah Caruso at to say, “Count me in for the Green Bean Drop!” Also, two additional drivers are still needed for Wednesday, the previous day, to pick up the beans. If you and your pickup are willing and available from 1:00 to about 7:30 p.m., let Bekah know right away.­­­­

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