Our Story of Generosity



This is our story. It shows how the varying components of our budget contribute to our community of faith being able to live into our God given vision. Every dollar is linked to mission and every gift to faithful expression of the joy of giving and generosity of our God. Please join us now in supporting our church’s mission by participating and increasing your generosity. Click here to read Our Generosity Brochure.

Join us for our Generosity Breakfast on Sunday, November 18 between the services to hear about these six areas that our budget supports (Mission, Property, Education, Worship, Communications/Special Events, and Congregational Care). Click here for more info about the breakfast. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of your own 2019 generous support of God’s work through First Presbyterian Church, Nashville.

Pledging/Giving Options:

  • Commit on November 18: Bring in your Generosity card to put in our Mission basket during any of our three worship services or during the Generosity Breakfast.
  • Commit Online to the Generosity Campaign.
  • Commit by Text: Text “Generosity” to (707)475-3005.
  • Give Online to the Generosity Campaign.

Our Mission:“To know Christ, and to make Him known, and to exhibit His love in worship, education and service.”

Missions: (33.4 % of the total budget)
Our work extends far beyond our community and reaches out to the corners of the world.  Along with relationships and provided resources to 36 local mission partners, our funds reach eight National Mission Partner Organizations and ten International Mission Partner Organizations. This allows our funds to reach 15 countries other than the United States, while also being able to send our youth and adults on Mission trips all over the world.

Property: (27% of the total budget)
Our property staff keeps our facilities clean and in good order so that we may perform the work that God is calling us to do. Groups in our local community also use our facilities such as: Oak Hill School, Room in the Inn, Nashville Symphony Orchestra and Boy Scouts of America. Our worship space, rooms for meetings, offices for staff, utilities, insurance, taxes and related costs for our facilities are all cared for in this resource area.

Education: (17% of the total budget)
We have over 2100 children and adults in Sunday School. This portion of our budget covers supplies for Adult Education, Children, Youth Ministry, Sunday School and Bible study. This also includes pastor continuing education, Sunday School teacher training, VBS and Nursery care.

Worship: (11.5% of the total budget)
Worship is central to our congregation’s work. We have 4300 members at FPC, with over 3000 worshipers for Easter, 1200 worshipers for Christmas Eve, and an average 900 worshipers on Sundays. Immense planning and preparing takes place for three Sunday worship services, holiday services, weddings, funerals and other special services.

Communications/Special Events: (6.5% of the total budget)
Our communications keep us informed and connect our congregation. Our First Edition monthly newsletter, Parish News weekly e-newsletter, church website, ministry e-newsletters, and special events like the Christmas Tree Lighting and Easter Egg Hunt enable us to promote community within our church.

Congregational Care: (4.6% of the total budget)
Pastoral care is a vial part of our work, especially for members who are ill, hospitalized, bereaved, preparing for marriage, going through divorce, or facing other crisis. Our church also provides other services to members such as at-home communion, delivery of flowers, and Stephen Ministry.


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