Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are some of many ways you can be involved.
If there is another way that you would like to serve that you do not see in this list,
please do not hesitate to contact us 383-1816.

Administrative Ministries

General Administrative Office Help

Job Description: Post worship and class attendance, assist with mailings, literature rack inventory, various light office tasks. Some skills in Microsoft Office a plus.
Time Commitment: Varies by task. Mondays through Fridays, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Contact: Ginny Barber (615-298-9509 or gbarber@fpcnashville.org)

Hospitality Center­

Job Description: Greet people coming into the offices and answer telephone while Hospitality Center Coordinator is away from desk.
Time Commitment: Varies from a few hours to half day.
Contact: Sabrina Vlahos (615-383-1815 or hospitalitycenter@fpcnashville.org)

Ministry to Children and Their Families

Children’s Sunday School Leader

Job Description: Serve on a leadership team with other adults leading children’s Sunday School class for children ages two- 6th grade. Weekly responsibilities include leading prayer, developing a lesson plan to guide children in knowing Jesus more fully, preparing activities that deepen the faith of our children.
Time Commitment: Sundays, 9:40-10:45 a.m. (plus one hour a week for preparation, mid-August through the end of May, participation in 3-4 study gatherings spaced through the Sunday School semesters).
Contact: Deb O’Brien (615-298-9582 or dobrien@fpcnashville.org)

Sunday School Assistants

Job Description: Take pictures; serve as extra hands in the classroom; substitute teacher; write notes for birthdays, joys and concerns; plan and serve for special events; provide music enrichment for classes; organize Simple Connect gatherings.
Time Commitment: Varies by task.
Contact: Tina Rose (615-298-9534 or trose@fpcnashville.org)

Young Children and Worship Assistant

Job Description: Serve as an assistant to the worship leader for this ministry with four and five year olds and their parents during either worship service. Responsibilities include guiding children from the Sanctuary to Worship Center, assisting with art response and feast.
Time Commitment: One Sunday per month at either 8:30 or 11:00 a.m. worship.
Contact: Deb O’Brien (615-298-9582 or dobrien@fpcnashville.org)

Children’s Sunday Morning Welcome Center Greeter

Job Description: Greet , welcome and extend warm hospitality as an ambassador for Christ to people who enter through the main doors of the Children’s Ministry Wing on Sunday mornings. Additionally, place children into Sunday School classes, escort families to proper areas and assist Sunday School teachers with general classroom needs (like copying).
Time Commitment: One Sunday a month during either the 8:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m.worship service, or during the Sunday School hour (9:45-10:00 a.m.).
Contact: Tina Rose (615-298-9534 or trose@fpcnashville.org)

Vacation Bible School

Job Description: There is a large variety of ways to serve. Planning Team members, activity leader, guide helper, decorations, setup and cleanup.
Time Commitment: Varies by task.
Contact: Deb O’Brien (615-298-9582 or dobrien@fpcnashville.org)

Buddy for Child with Special Needs

Job Description: Participate in training to serve as a buddy for a child with special needs in the Sunday School classroom. Responsibilities include assisting Sunday School teachers and child with modifications or accommodations necessary for the child with special needs to participate fully in lesson and class.
Time Commitment: Sunday, 9:40-10:45 a.m.
Contact: Deb O’Brien (615-298-9582 or dobrien@fpcnashville.org)

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation

Job Description: Provide for monthly teacher appreciation.
Time Commitment: One Sunday a month and time for preparation.
Contact: Tina Rose (615-298-9534 or trose@fpcnashville.org)

Sunday School Teacher Support

Job Description: Provide meals for teachers and their families during times of illness, hospitalization, death in the family, birth of baby, etc.
Time Commitment: As needed.
Contact: Tina Rose (615-298-9534 or trose@fpcnashville.org)

Costume Preparation

Job Description: Sew simple costumes for small children. Repair existing costumes. Fabric provided.
Time Commitment: As much or as little as you are willing to share. One-time help appreciated; ongoing help will be welcomed.
Contact: Tina Rose (615-298-9534 or trose@fpcnashville.org)

Nursery Ministries

Nursery Volunteer (Ages 0-3)

Job Description: Assist the nursery staff worker and teacher in each classroom. Interact with children/ Read a Bible story and do assigned activities.
Time Commitment: Can commit as much or as little you want. On Sundays, you may be scheduled monthly, or put on a call list. You can commit to as little as 1 hour (one worship service) or up to 3 hours (two services and Sunday School). We ask that every family who utilizes the nursery to please volunteer for one-two Sundays a year and possibly one holiday a year.
Contact: Karen Fitts (615-298-9519 or kfitts@fpcnashville.org)

Sunday School Teacher (Ages Birth-2)

Job Description: Teach the young children of our church with a team of teachers. Curriculum is already in place; there is minimal preparation.
Time Commitment: Work out schedule with co-teachers (September through May) during the Sunday School hour.
Contact: Karen Fitts (615-298-9519 or kfitts@fpcnashville.org)

Mid-Week Volunteers

Job Description: Assist staff/teachers with childrens Bible study. Interact with related activities.
Time Commitment: Tuesday and/or Thursday mornings (September thru April).
Contact: Karen Fitts (615-298-9519 or kfitts@fpcnashville.org)

Communications Team

Job Description: Take digital pictures at events as assigned or candid shots around the church (i.e. PW events, youth events, children’s events, VBS, Sunday School, mission trips).
Time Commitment: Varies.
Contact: Laura Rouse (615-298-9513 or lrouse@fpcnashville.org)

Congregational Care Ministries

Van Driver

Job Description: Drive church van to various church functions.
Time Commitment: Varies.
Contact: Greg Diroff (615-424-0870 or gdiroff@fpcnashville.org)

Disability Awareness & Support Committee

Job Description: Assist children and adults with disabilities in areas that may include mental and mobility impairments, hearing or vision loss or other personal support.
Time Commitment: Sunday mornings.
Contact: Andrea Cooper (615-482-3328 or acooperusa@comcast.net) or Tom Groomes (615-319-2088 or thomas.groomes@comcast.net)

Home Repair Assistance to Elderly, Disabled or Single Parents

Job Description: Home repair projects (may be as simple as replacing a light bulb).
Time Commitment: Varies.
Contact: Allen Kennedy (615-297-8447 or allen.kennedy318@gmail.com)

Home Partner

Job Description: Visit a church member who is homebound or in a nursing home and unable to attend church. May make calls or send cards. Also may arrange to pick up and deliver flowers put together by the Monday Flower Arranging Committee.
Time Commitment: Once a month. Deliver flowers at Easter and Christmas.
Contact: Sandra Randleman (615-298-9502 or srandleman@fpcnashville.org)

Meal Preparation

Job Description: Prepare meals for Manna Freezer. Take food from freezer to those in need.
Time Commitment: As desired.
Contact: Betsy Davies (615-377-3048 or betsysdavies@comcast.net)

Monday Flowers

Job Description: Arranger — Arrange flowers on Monday mornings. Deliverer — Deliver flowers to homebound.
Time Commitment: Arranger — Commit to one Monday morning per month. Deliverer — Commit to one Monday afternoon per month.
Contact: Weeza Swain (615-377-3854 or weeza.swain@gmail.com)

Parish Leader

Job Description: Serve as contact person from the church to members in your neighborhood. Communicate and coordinate with other parishioners regarding church and parish events and happenings (i.e. illness, new baby, bereavement). Organize parish gatherings if parish members desire.
Time Commitment: Varies.
Contact: Ginny Barber (615-298-9509 or gbarber@fpcnashville.org)

E-Mail Prayer Ministry

Job Description: Prayer through the FPC Email Prayer Ministry. When a prayer request is sent via email, you agree to pray for the person.
Time Commitment: 5-10 minutes per week.
Contact: Emily Eberle (615-292-2120 or emilyeberle@comcast.net) or Sandra Randleman (615-298-9502 or srandleman@fpcnashville.org)

Stephen Minister

Job Description: Long-term care relationships with persons going through difficult circumstances, bereavement, divorce or other personal challenges.
Time Commitment: Requires extensive fifty-hour basic training program. Upon course completion, twice-monthly supervisory meetings are held for continuing education and support. One contact hour per week with a care receiver is expected.
Contact: Sandra Randleman (615-298-9502 or srandleman@fpcnashville.org)

Evangelism Ministries

Coffee Hour Greeter

Job Description: Extend a warm welcome to Sunday morning worshipers between the first service and Sunday School in Courtenay Hall.
Time Commitment: Approximately 30 minutes Sunday mornings, once a month.
Contact: Martha Davis (615-297-7365 or marthacdavis@bellsouth.net).

Hospitality Center Greeter

Job Description: Provide guidance, information and directions on Sunday mornings after the early service. Greeters welcome members and visitors, answer questions and in general provide a personal welcome to all who enter the building through the main office entrance.
Time Commitment: Sundays, 9:30-10:00 a.m., 3 months per year.
Contact: Sabrina Vlahos (615-383-1815 or hospitalitycenter@fpcnashville.org)

New Babies

Job Description: Contact mothers with new babies, sending a gift from the Presbyterian Women (book by Roxie Gibson entitled Talking With God).
Time Commitment: Approximately 2 hours, 1 day a month (year round).
Contact: Sabrina Vlahos (615-383-1815 or hospitalitycenter@fpcnashvilleorg)

Flower Ministries

Floral Arranger

ob Description: Arrange flowers for seasonal decoration (i.e. Advent and Christmas, Palm Sunday and Easter), primarily in the sanctuary and narthex.
Time Commitment: 1-10 hours during Advent; 2 hours on the Friday before Palm Sunday; 3 hours on the Saturday before Easter.
Contact: Kelly McMullen (615-298-1492 or kellymc@comcast.net)

Food Service Ministries

Food Service Committee

Job Description: Assist with coffee and donut serving on Sunday mornings.
Time Commitment: When available.
Contact: Kim Rogers (615-298-9514 or krogers@fpcnashville.org)

Wednesday Night Dinner & Kitchen Setup

Job Description: Set up silverware, napkins, etc. on tables; prepare water, coffee, tea.
Time Commitment: Wednesdays — table setup in the mornings, beverage setup in the late afternoons. Substitute as needed.
Contact: Kim Rogers (615-298-9514 or krogers@fpcnashville.org)

Wednesday Night Cashier

Job Description: Collect money for Wednesday night dinners.
Time Commitment: 1-2 hours weekly. Substitute as needed.
Contact:Ginny Barber (615-298-9509 or gbarber@fpcnashville.org)

Grounds & Facilities Maintenance

Biblical Gardens

Job Description: Periodic maintenance and plantings.
Time Commitment: As needed.
Contact: Lee Wheeler (615-383-1689 or pnlwheeler@comcast.net)

Church Carpentry Projects

Job Description: Various projects, small repairs and maintenance.
Time Commitment: As available.
Contact: Mike Crout (615-298-9593 or missions@fpcnashville.org)

Missions Ministries

Green Hills Mobile Meals

Job Description: Deliver a commercially-prepared meal to shut-ins in the greater Green Hills area before lunch time.
Time Commitment: One day per month (commit to a regular day or substitute when needed). Delivery usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours.
Contact: Carolyn Gustafson (615-373-0455 or bgust1805@aol.com)

Habitat For Humanity

Job Description: Help build houses for deserving families. Prepare and serve a meal to workers.
Time Commitment: Work one day, 6:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. (Four weekends in fall)
Contact: Steve Butler (615-336-2035 or steve.butler32450@gmail.com) or Les Coble (615-473-6659 or les.coble@gmail.com)

Mission Trips

Job Description: Construction projects, medical services, or relational visits on mission trips to Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Kenya and Rwanda.
Time Commitment: Varies depending upon location. Usually one week. Offered throughout the year.
Contact:Mike Crout (615-298-9593 or missions@fpcnashville.org)

Safe Haven Family Shelter

Job Description: Both overnight and meal preparer volunteers needed — Arrive around 5:45 p.m. to receive orientation and briefing. Responsibilities include overseeing the shelter, answering phones, making sure the rules are being followed by residents, and that they are in their rooms at the appropriate time. Also, make sure door locks at 10:00 p.m. and set the alarm. Volunteer leaves at 6:00 a.m. the next morning. Meal Preparation Volunteers — Two or more individuals are asked to prepare, serve and clean up after dinner, which is an entree, two vegetable dishes, drinks (milk/tea/juice/soda) and a dessert for 10-25 residents. Volunteer must be comfortable interacting with residents. Dinner is served 6:00-7:00 p.m. More information can be found at safehaven.org/volunteer.
Time Commitment: Select a night that FPC has reserved; these nights are the first Monday of the month, every other month, February through December.
Contact: Mary Earthman (615-665-8845 or mearthman@bellsouth.net)

Room In The Inn

Job Description: One captain is recruited for each Wednesday. The captain then recruits: two hosts to spend the night with our guests; shoppers to provide food for breakfast and sandwiches/fruit for lunch sack; a volunteer to launder bedding and towels.
Time Commitment: Every Wednesday night, November through March.
Contact:Mike Crout (615-298-9593 or missions@fpcnashville.org)

Serve Lunch to the Homeless

Job Description: Serve lunch to the homeless at Downtown Presbyterian Church. You may ride from FPC or meet downtown.
Time Commitment: Second Wednesday of every month, 11:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m.
Contact: Mike Crout (615-298-9593 or missions@fpcnashville.org)

Music Ministries

Assist with Choir Meal

Job Description: Christmas Eve, after the 8:00 p.m. service.
Time Commitment: 30 minutes to 4 hours.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Children’s Choir Assistant

Job Description: Children’s choir parents assist during Wednesday evening rehearsals and on Sundays when the choirs sing in worship. Taking attendance, guiding children in their jobs and activities, robing for worship, giving TLC.
Time Commitment: Once a week (September through May)
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Children’s Choir Assistant Substitute

Job Description: Children’s choir parents substitute for choir assistants who may need to miss a Wednesday rehearsal or singing dates due to family illness or travel plans.
Time Commitment: As needed.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Children’s Choir Director/Accompanist Substitute

Job Description: Persons with musical training and the ability to work with children (director) substitute for directors/accompanists who must miss a Wednesday rehearsal or a singing date due to illness or other conflicts.
Time Commitment: As needed.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Choir Singers

Job Description: Sanctuary Choir rehearses Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 p.m. and Sundays at 10:15 a.m. Sanctuary Chorale rehearses Wednesdays from 6:15-7:15 p.m. and on Sundays at 7:50 a.m.
Time Commitment: 3 hours weekly for Adult Choir. 6:00-7:15 p.m. on Wednesdays for Children & Youth Choirs.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Choir Photographer

Job Description: Photograph special events and choirs in action.
Time Commitment: As needed.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Cross Bearer

Job Description: Youth to carry the cross in worship processional (during both worship services) one or two times per school year. n Time Commitment: Sunday Morning Worship (1-2 times per year).
Contact: Susan Kirby (615-298-9540 or skirby@fpcnashville.org)

Concert Ushers

Job Description: Hand out programs and greet guests 30 minutes prior to concerts.
Time Commitment: Up to nine times a year.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)


Job Description: Play an instrument during worship services. Demonstrate instrument to kindergarten choir.
Time Commitment: As needed.
Contact: Nick Bergin (615-298-9538 or nbergin@fpcnashville.org)

Music Library

Job Description: Stamp, sort, set out and put away choir music.
Time Commitment: 2 hours weekly.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Video Organ Concert

Job Description: Set up screen, projector and camera.
Time Commitment: 3 hours on the day of the event.
Contact: Daphne Garey (615-298-9517 or dgarey@fpcnashville.org)

Worship Ministries

Communion Preparation

Job Description: Assist with the preparation, set up, and clean up of communion.
Time Commitment: Stated communion is served six or seven times per year. Preparation is done on Saturday morning before communion. Set up and clean up is in Sunday morning.
Contact: Lip Davis (615-297-5113 or info@daviscabinetcompany.com)


Job Description: Greet people as they enter the sanctuary; hand out bulletins; collect offering.
Time Commitment: During 8:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. worship during one month per year.
Contact: Hal Collier (615-377-9343 or halrcollier@comcast.net)

Funeral Committee

Job Description: Gather 1 hour before funeral service to greet and hand out programs.
Time Commitment: Varies depending on length of service.
Contact: Dean Reeves (615-269-9442 or rlreeves@bellsouth.net)

Funeral Visitation Committee

Job Description: Gather 1 hour before to host and assist with the visitation. Stay after the visitation to clean up.
Time Commitment: Varies depending on length of visitation.
Contact: Betsy Davies (615-351-9503 or betsysdavies@comcast.net)

Youth Ministries

Major Event Volunteer

Job Description: Help with various major youth events (i.e. Fall Kickoff, Prayer Partner Banquet, Crud Day). Teams include: team invitations, team decorations, team food, team tech, team muscles and team photography.
Time Commitment: Varies.
Contact: youth@fpcnashville.org

Prayer Partners

Job Description: Each youth is paired with an adult prayer partner who will pray for them on a regular basis.
Time Commitment: Varies.
Contact: Millie Greiner (298-9570 or mgreiner@fpcnashville.org)

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