Athletic Director Application

The First Presbyterian Church family is looking for an athletic director to help us create a new vision for our recreational athletic ministry. For many years, our beautiful property has been the spot of many athletic endeavors. Our desire as a family of faith is to help these recreational sports to become more layered with the mission of the gospel. The person we seek to assume this role is someone who has been deeply affected by sports and knows the opportunities sports provide to influence kids and communities. This person likes to build teams, to create new things, and finds joy in creating a new vision and plans. This role on our church staff requires the director to get involved in all the details and understand each component of athletic ministry as they help bring a new vision for athletic opportunities to this community. The person considering this opportunity for ministry feels called by God to help young people and families experience more of who God is when they play together on athletic fields. We believe this person is somewhere in our midst, and we are prayerfully seeking the one who might feel called to this unique role. If this person is you or if you know of someone who would be excited to help our church family tie the gospel to our sports program, please reach out.

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Athletic Director Application

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