Lunch and Chat with Alice Mathews


We talked to Alice in order to sell our timeshare but we weren’t allowed to buy or rent out our own land and, to make matters worse, we had to pay for the use of the land that we didn’t own, even though the company had a contract that made us the owners of that land.

Now, I’m sure the company would have given us a free land if we had been able to find a property that was better suited for the timeshare. But the company also didn’t want us to have our own land as it would reduce the number of people we could lease from. They even made us pay to use our own property.

The company told us that we couldn’t use the land if we rented it out to a non-English speaker because they would think that we were trying to cheat the company.


After we made our deal to sell our timeshare through a solid Timeshare Exit Strategy, we considered investing in real estate in the US. But after taking a closer look, we couldn’t find a better deal, especially for the price we were willing to pay. We couldn’t sell the condo to a real estate developer as we had already made the payments on the timeshare.

We were also not really ready to invest the money in a country where we are not living in.

Instead we decided to sell the timeshare, keep some of the money and continue working on a new business in the US.

When we started looking for a new business venture, we found it’s easier and cheaper to buy a business in the US.

So after much research we ended up buying a business in the US.

The most expensive thing we paid for this business was a business license, which costs $1200.

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