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Our church is committed to building an even better community within our church family through our Communities of Belonging

A Community of Belonging can come in all shapes and sizes. It is a group that:

  1. Meets at least once a quarter together.
  2. Has a faith component during their gathering.
  3. Engages in sharing life with each other.
  4. Pray together.

Finding community is an integral part of growing in faith, and the Communities of Belonging initiative hopes to provide opportunities for us to build new relationships. Life has a way of pulling us in many directions, and we recognize the desire to connect beyond just Sunday mornings.  We are excited about this season in our church as we explore together how every member can be the connected body of Christ.

Lent 2021 Communities of Belonging

Join us for a 6-week Communities of Belonging program for the Lenten season that begins the week of February 21st and continues through Holy Week ending the week of March 28 . The study will look at 6 different hymns in our church family’s repertoire that will give us deeper insight into the Scriptural background, the story of the author and/or composer, and a closer look at the verses and how they speak to the life of faith.

We will begin with a panel discussion from pastoral staff about their favorite hymns on February 15th at 6:30 pm. Watch for more information and the link for February 15th in FPC publications.

Register online to join one of the Lent Communities of Belonging starting the week of February 21st. Each COB will meet weekly virtually or in-person. COB leaders will be provided videos and study guides to share with participants.

2021 Lent COBs Day Time Location Demographic
COB #3 (Randleman) Sunday 2:30pm Virtual & In-person All ages
COB #17 (Hindman/Stringham) Sunday 7:00pm Virtual All ages
COB #19 (Gilmore) Monday 7:00pm Virtual All ages
COB #18 (Moore) Tuesday 7:30am Virtual All ages
COB #6 (Gernert/Coble/Gaston) Tuesday 5:30pm Virtual All ages
COB #12 (Green Hills) Tuesday 6:30pm Virtual All ages
COB #13 (Rodriguez) Wednesday 12:00pm Virtual College
COB #2 (Bird Kneff) Wednesday 7:00pm Virtual All ages
COB #16 (Caruso) Wednesday 7:00pm Virtual All ages
COB #5 (Rodriguez/Davies) Wednesday 7:30pm Virtual Young adults
COB #4 (Higgins/Moore) Wednesday 7:45pm Virtual All ages
COB #1 (Gordon/Sauer) Thursday 9:30am Virtual All ages
COB #15 (Musgrave) Thursday 2:30pm Virtual All ages
COB #20 (Brim/Bainbridge) Thursday 7:30pm Virtual All ages

Reach out to Rev. Sarah Bird Kneff,, if you have any questions about choosing the right COB for you! If you need help with registration, contact or 615-298-9527. Registration ends February 28th.

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