Care & Support

Pastoral care at First Presbyterian Church is an essential part of ministry to our church members and to members of our community, as we seek to share God’s love and compassion.

We care for others in times of illness, bereavement and other challenging times. Pastoral staff and church members provide care through visiting the ill, maintaining contact with the elderly on a regular basis, being a friend to the troubled, comforting the grieving and coordinating helping support in various life transitions.

Equipping church members for an intentional caring ministry is another part of pastoral care. This takes place through our Stephen Ministry and Home Partners Programs. Stephen Ministers are trained to enter into caring and confidential relationships with those going through difficult times. Home Partners provide regular visits to persons unable to attend church because of health concerns.

Below is a listing of many of the services offered through the Congregational Care Ministry of FPC:

There Are No Cell Phones in Heaven!

After your death or if you are ill and unable to communicate, how will your family know all you would want to tell them? Where are your important documents, such as your will? FPC has prepared a booklet, Love Letter to My Family, which allows you to collect this important information in one place.

Minister for Pastoral Care

Sandra RandlemanThe minister to contact for pastoral care is the Reverend Dr. Sandra Randleman at 615-298-9502 or

For after-hour emergencies, please call the church at 615-383-1815 for information on how to reach the on-call pastor.

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