Thank you on behalf of all of those whom your gift will nurture in the future.  We want to make sure that you have every opportunity to maximize your gift’s impact by teaching and sharing your commitment with others.


Teach others the impact of a gift:

Communicate your intentions with family and loved ones with a story or message of what our church has meant in your life and why you have made this provision for a gift.  The joy of giving can spread, and they might consider giving to First Presbyterian Church, their church or other places they love.

Share your commitment with others:

You will become a member of the James I. Vance Society. Click here to learn more about the James I. Vance Society.

Our Member’s Planned Giving Story:

Tom and Kathy Stumb

For the past 15 years, we have loved being members at First Presbyterian Church. All five of our children have loved the youth program, and we had our oldest daughter Grace’s wedding here this past fall. We’ve also been lovingly comforted here in those times in our lives when we’ve lost beloved family and friends. It is very important to us to support our church in perpetuity by including the church with a bequest in our wills, to help make sure that it remains strong for our children and grandchildren and beyond. Surveys in the wealth management industry estimate that somewhere between 50-75% of adult Americans, regardless of their wealth situation, do not have an effective will or have no will at all. It is important to give careful and thoughtful consideration to the construction of a good will, but often difficult to place directly on today’s “to do” list. When that time comes to put your will on today’s “to do” list, whether updating your old will or crafting your first one, please give prayerful consideration to leaving a bequest to your church. After all, what institution has been more impactful in our lives than our wonderful church? Your gift to the church, as a component of settling your estate, can really help a great deal toward ensuring our church remains strong for generations to come.

The Pathway to a Gift

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