Exodus, Chapter 11

Wednesday, June 17th


Exodus, Chapter 11


God is teaching. He is teaching the Egyptians and all the watching nations of the world who He is. God is showing His power and might through the fearsome plagues visited upon the Egyptians.  God is affirming that Moses is God’s spokesperson and Israel is under His protection.  Israel must be delivered from slavery and bondage to Egypt. God’s purposes will be achieved through a powerful display in the form of plagues that show God’s dominion over all of creation.  What will it take for the Pharaoh to listen and learn and surrender to God?

God is also teaching the Israelites.  He is defining Himself as a God of steadfast love and faithfulness. God loves Israel as His first born treasured child.  God wants Israel to trust Him to protect Israel and deliver the Israelites from slavery with abundant material possessions in the form of the silver and gold from the Egyptians own hands.  These material possessions will be used to provide for the Israelites in the months to come.  All that the Israelites need, God’s hand will provide.  The Israelites can step from slavery into a new life.

Will Israel step into freedom and journey through the desert without fear and grumbling over the hardships they face?  Will the Israelites encounter the difficulties and uncertainties of their journey without regret that they ever left Egypt?  Will they willingly listen to Moses as God’s chosen leader and spokesperson?  Will they be obedient to God’s commands as revealed to them by Moses?  No.  They will falter and fall down time and time again.

Human beings are all too often anxious and quick to fear and grumble over life’s challenges. It is difficult to listen to God and to surrender our wills to His. We struggle to trust Him to provide all that we need as we seek to live the life He created us to live. Isn’t it better to live in the security of slavery with three meals a day, then to risk a journey into the wilderness even if God promises to lead us to a far better place?

But God is faithful, merciful and kind, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. God is willing to forgive and to help us begin again, step by step and day by day.  God has a plan for us and it is very good.


What fears and concerns weigh upon your heart and mind?  Study the scriptures for the many verses that encourage us to not be afraid, to place our trust in God, to pray to God with thanksgiving even as we place our supplications before God.  Claim God’s peace even as you seek His guidance.


Gracious God

Thank you for your gracious plan for our lives and for our world.  Help us to trust you more and to pray with thanksgiving and faith in Your goodness.  Grant us freedom from all that would make our hearts heavy and help us to find joy in the journey.  Show us what You are up to and use us to advance Your kingdom and share Your love with others.  Thank you, dear Lord.  In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen.


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