Exodus, Chapter 12

Thursday, June 18th


Exodus, Chapter 12


God diverts His holy judgment away from His people. The people of God paint the blood of a slaughtered lamb over the doorframes of their houses. Death has already come to these houses. The holy and just wrath of God has been satisfied. They are to live and be set free. The question is, “Set free for what purpose?”

As one pastor writes, “That powerful picture helps us to grasp how the death of Jesus applies to us today. Christ died as the sacrifice for our sins. In His death, He absorbed the judgment for us. He bore the curse. He died your death.”

Christ’s blood has been sprinkled over us and over our lives. And it makes all the difference. Death has already come to our house. We have been delivered from our greatest enemy of sin and death.

Now let’s circle back to our initial question. Christ’s sacrifice, as it was for those ancient Hebrews, has a greater purpose than rescuing us from captivity. We are set free to worship Him, which is to say God wants a relationship of a certain kind with us—former slaves, no less! This is why God brings Israel out of Egypt (12:14). We are more alive than ever when we live to glorify Christ. Yes, Christ has rescued us from death! And YES, we are to live magnifying the living God who has redeemed us at the greatest cost!


Do you know you are more sinful than you imagine? Do you know God’s love for you in Christ is infinitely more than you could ever imagine?


Heavenly Father, only by the blood of Your Son shed on the Cross am I alive. Only because he has died the death that was due me, am I able to live into hope. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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