Exodus, Chapter 19

Thursday, June 25


Exodus, Chapter 19


As a child, you learn pretty quickly there are things that you shouldn’t touch, like power lines, hot stoves, and moving trains. All three of these are good things. They supply electricity to our homes, put food on our tables, and allow us to move about in a rapid and efficient way. But it would be silly for us to approach these things like we would a beloved family member.

Something like this absurd effort is occurring in Exodus 19. God is the force for good behind the ordering of the cosmos, but this is also what makes him supremely dangerous. Likewise, the sun gives us light that makes life on earth possible; yet, we know a trip to the sun would mean certain death.

In Exodus 19 we see a just, holy, and loving God going to the greatest lengths to be in close contact with those who are dangerously not fit to be in His presence. The climax of which is God taking on flesh and descending not on Mount Sinai but on the mountain that is Calvary, the mount of His crucifixion.


Give thanks that we don’t have to approach God with fear and trembling. Give thanks that God has approached us, in the flesh!


Jesus, keep me near the cross. Keep me near your grace and mercy. Lord, I come to offer you my life, my heart, my all. Amen.


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