Exodus, Chapter 25

Wednesday, July 1


Exodus, Chapter 25


There is an innate human longing for the presence of God.  In Chapter 25 of Exodus, God generously responds to the Israelites’ desire for communion with God.   God provides the plan for the construction of a tabernacle where God will dwell among the people of Israel and where God will meet with Moses on behalf of the people of Israel.  God provides the pattern for the construction of the tabernacle and its equipment and gives the requisite skill to the artisans, but human effort and cooperation are needed for the implementation of God’s plan.  God’s plan begins with the collection of an offering.  All of the people who are willing are to bring the finest of materials needed.  The material gifts and the skills and time required for the construction of the tabernacle are, in fact, gifts from God, but the Israelites are now asked to dedicate these gifts to the purposes of God.

Then God sets forth the details for the construction of a tabernacle that will provide for its mobility as the Israelites transport it on their journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land.  Wherever the Israelites will travel, they will carry the tabernacle with them.  God will be with His people.  Just as the Israelites long for the presence of God, God’s self-giving plan reflects God’s desire to be present with and present to His people.

Jesus shared with us this divine desire as He promised to be with us always through the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Thanks be to God.


Do you have a place and time for meeting with God for prayer and reflection?  Do you ever have a sense that you carry the presence of God with you throughout your day?  How are you responding to your longing to be still and know God’s steadfast love and mercy?


Gracious God, We thank that You are a God of presence who longs to reveal to us Your mercy and love.  Help us to be attentive to You.  Forgive us when we selfishly guard Your generous gifts to us and refuse to share with You and with others our time, our gifts and abilities and our material blessings.  Open our hearts to respond to Your call to worship You in spirit and in truth and then help us to live a life in communion with You, our God. In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.


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