Exodus, Chapter 27

Friday, July 3


Exodus, Chapter 27:1-21


People have told me that sometimes they put their bible on the table and let it fall open, and place their finger on a page, and each time, God speaks the exact word they needed in the moment. I wonder if anyone’s bible ever landed on chapter 27 of the book of Exodus, and if it did, how would God have used the description of an altar, curtain, and lamp to speak to them? The details of this chapter are not particularly profound. However, it is most interesting to consider the “why” behind all of these details. Someone must have asked along the way, “why are we spending so much time and effort on these things?” To which, the only response would likely have been, “God demands it of us.” We may not be able to relate to the calling to build a particular lamp, but the call of God to permeate the most minute detail of our work absolutely translates into every context. Lately, I have heard people communicate the sentiment that, “I keep my faith and my politics separate.” This sort of thought makes no sense to me. I’ve never been at a church that taught me that the life of Jesus was only meant to impact part of my life. Nothing in scripture supports that understanding of the faith. Certainly, the calling of a Christian is to allow the life of Jesus to determine our every step, in the most particular of ways. It is quite the consideration, but it would seem our resurrected savior would settle for nothing less. Amen? Amen.


Is there part of your life that you have intentionally kept separate from your faith? What would it look like to give that to God? The process of sanctification is an ongoing task of the Spirit and our own self-will; is there something you have previously given to God that you once withheld? What was that like? I challenge you to share that endeavor with a friend.


God of all creation, you never stopped short of giving everything that the whole world would be redeemed, fully. Lord, may we have the courage and creativity to offer each part of our life over to you, withholding nothing that would stop short of the Amazing Grace offered in your Son Jesus Christ. In his name we pray, Amen.


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