Exodus, Chapter 33

Thursday, July 9


Exodus, Chapter 33


If ever God was to abandon all hope of shaping a people to rightly love him, this would be it. The Israelites’ behavior with the golden calf was, to put it bluntly, shameful. We may not bow down before gold castings of animals, but we worship our fair share of inanimate objects.

But the LORD, who is longsuffering, continues His involvement with a wicked people, which is good news for us. The LORD makes his way from the throne room of heaven to spend time in a tent on the dusty Sinai peninsula, also good news for us.

I love this line from one of his desert meetings, “Thus the LORD used to speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend” (33:11). Who can know the mind of God? Why such grace and love?

God goes one infinite step farther—He takes on the tent of human flesh, in Christ Jesus our Lord. And He desires this day to speak face to face with you, as a friend. Amen.


Don’t wait! Jesus is calling! Take time right now, as you are doing, to speak face to face, by the Spirit’s power, to Jesus.


How real is your presence to me LORD. You who have no need of me; and yet, you died for me and desire to know me more intimately each day. O treasure beyond all treasures. Jesus, keep me near the Cross. Amen.


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