Exodus, Chapter 35

Saturday, July 11


Exodus, Chapter 35


Descriptions of the Tabernacle and Vestments have been given (25-31:17). The golden calf incident shows the need for ordered structure (31:18-34:29). The Tabernacle and Vestments must be created to remind them that God dwells in their midst. Complex and exact work is ahead of them, but before they can begin, four things are to guide them. Before they did anything, the are reminded to enter into God’s rest and respect the Sabbath. Anything done for the Lord must rest in God. Secondly, Moses describes what is needed in materials and labor for the construction. Before beginning, one needs to know what is required. Thirdly, the people respond with joyous generosity sharing their wealth and labor. God’s normal way of channeling resources for God’s work is by the gifts from God’s people with a willing heart. The fourth ingredient is God filling craftsman Bezalel with the Spirit in wisdom and understanding. The source of beauty and creativity is God. Resting in God, assessing needs, joyous generosity, and being Spirit-filled are the requirements for God-given tasks.


What tasks are before us? How should we prepare? Recongregating in the midst of Covid-19 and the racial unrest are just two of the major tasks before us. We begin by resting in God. God is with us; let us turn to God for direction and insights. With God’s help, we need to delineate the needs and resources. Then let us respond with generosity of wealth and labor. But most of all let us ask God to fill us with the Spirit.


Gracious and loving heavenly Father, fill us with your Spirit. Give us the wisdom and understanding to tackle the tasks you have set before us. May we be filled with generous hearts so you can use us for your honor and glory through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.


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