Exodus, Chapter 37

Monday, July 13


Exodus, Chapter 37


How do we go back to school? How do we go back to church? And what about when? Wouldn’t it be nice if God just told us exactly what to do in this pandemic? In Exodus 37, Bezalel gives us a rare glimpse into what that’s like. That’s right, Bezalel.  Bet you didn’t learn that name is Sunday school. God gave him specific instructions to make the ark of the covenant and everything inside the tabernacle. What’s amazing is that Bezalel does it. It’s not easy to find a story in scripture where God instructs, and humanity responds with complete obedience. Bezalel offers us that rare example in this chapter. Could God have just created the tabernacle and everything in it? Sure. God did not need Bezalel but instructs him through Moses just the same. From the garden Eden to the Hebrews wandering in the wilderness to today, God continues to pursue partnership with us. During this pandemic, have you ever felt God was calling you to do something?  Has God ever given you specific and direct instruction?  If God did, how would you respond?  Do you think you’d follow the instructions to the letter? Would you ignore them? Would you tweak them just a little bit to suit your needs?  What would it look like for you to say yes to God’s call on your life? Jesus is pretty direct and clear when he teaches his disciples, “Love one another the way I have loved you.”  In order to follow that instruction, we need to do two things.  First, say yes to the love of God extended to us in Christ Jesus.  And second, offer that love to one another.


When’s the last time God commanded, and you obeyed? As a follower of the way of Christ, what do you know God is calling you to do? Who are the people with whom God is calling you to share the love of Christ? Part of following God’s instruction is hearing God’s instruction. How are you doing listening to God’s direction in your life?


Take at least 1 minute and be still. Remember that God is God. Listen for that still small voice. When you get distracted, smile and pray “Be still and know that I Am God.” Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you to join in what God is already doing in your life and relationships. Be still and know that I Am God. Amen.


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