Exodus, Chapter 39

Wednesday, July 15


Exodus, Chapter 39


The work of the tabernacle is complete.  The Israelites have done all that the Lord had commanded Moses.  God has provided the plan and pattern, the skills required by the artisans, and the needed materials the people have given as an offering.  The final verse of Chapter 39 tells us that when Moses saw that they had done all the work as the Lord had commanded them, he blessed them.

We are reminded of the story of the creation of the earth and all that dwells upon it.  In Genesis we are told that after creating humankind in His image, God blessed them and gave to the man and the woman the command to be fruitful and multiple and fill the earth and subdue it;  to have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves upon the earth.

All that we are and all that we have are gifts from God.  God gives to us a purpose for our lives and all that we need to fulfill this purpose.  May we be faithful in following the plan and pattern God gives to us and in living life according to His commands.  May God bless the work of our hands so faithfully performed.


What are the gifts that God has given to you?   Reflect upon your material blessings, your gifts and abilities, your experience and opportunities, your family and friends, your time and health and energy.  Pray for insights and for God’s guidance, concerning the work of your hands that God would bless as according to His plan and pattern.  What would bring joy to you and others and to God?


Gracious God, We thank You for the many blessings that are ours.  We thank You that You have given to us a purpose and a pattern for living fully and abundantly.  Let us look to the example of Jesus’s life of faithfulness and may we be His faithful disciples.  Help us to grow in our love of You and of our brothers and sisters.  Bless, we pray, the works of our hands as You guide us in Your ways.

In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.


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