Mission & Values

Our Mission

To know Christ, to make Him known
and to exhibit His love through worship, education and service.

Our Values

  1. SanctuaryReformed Tradition — As Presbyterians in the Reformed tradition, we are dedicated to the service of God, through Jesus Christ, for His glory. We take seriously our faith heritage. We are inspired by the great themes of the Reformation, which still resonate with us today: “Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Scriptura, Solus Christus, Soli Deo Gloria” — “grace alone, faith alone, scripture alone, Christ alone, and to God alone the glory.” We have a rich history, both as Presbyterians and as a congregation. In all that we do, we seek to honor our past and preserve its legacy for future generations.
  2. Always Reforming — We also take seriously our obligation to be open to change, renewal and reformation — to be “the church reformed and always reforming” according to the Word of God and the call of the Spirit. We seek to be a people who embrace the future as well as the past, who are eager to explore and grow and do new things, and who can maintain our strong foundations while constantly building on them.
  3. Worship — Worship is at the heart of who we are as a church. It is an expression of our fundamental beliefs as Christians. Theologically, we are a diverse church that respects freedom of conscience, but we are firmly anchored in God’s Word and in the historic Reformed faith. The essential tenets of that faith determine many of the elements of worship, and these are constant. Outside of these core elements, however, our particular form of worship is shaped by the church’s history, culture and current needs. The church’s primary worship style is traditional, with formal liturgy and classical music. We are committed to maintaining a strong program of traditional worship. We also seek to meet the needs of those in our church family who enjoy other styles of worship and to do this without compromising the essential and distinctive nature of how we worship as Presbyterians.Offering
  4. Ministry — The ministry of this church, like that of the early church, begins with caring for the needs of its members. This ministry of sympathy and compassion is not just the job of pastors and staff, or of Elders and Deacons, but of every member. While pastoral care and church programs play an important role, it is even more important that we support and care for one another. Our goal is to be truly a community of faith, helping each other through times of crisis, supporting each other through times of need, and remembering each other in prayer.
  5. PreachingEducation — We share with other Presbyterians an informed and thoughtful approach to our faith. We view Christian education as a lifelong obligation, one that we undertake with enthusiasm. We do this primarily through Bible study in small groups and Sunday School, but we seek to weave Christian nurture into the entire fabric of church life. Our Inquirers’, Confirmation and Officer Training classes, for example, all provide in-depth instruction geared to people at different stages of their faith journey. This church has a special passion for the nurture of its children and youth. This finds expression, among other ways, in Oak Hill School, a K-6 program housed on the First Presbyterian Church campus. We educate and train our members not only for their own spiritual edification, but to better equip them to teach, evangelize and witness to others, to the end that when we better know Christ, we will be better able make Him known to others.
  6. Service — Christ calls us to love and serve others, just as He has loved and served us. We seek to be a servant church, fulfilling Christ’s commission to aid the hungry, the stranger, the needy, the sick and the prisoner, in our community and around the world. We endeavor to provide financial support to worthy missions, but even more we seek to engage every member, young and old, in regular service, whether helping with a church program, volunteering at one of our local missions, or going on an extended mission trip abroad.
  7. Excellence — We believe that God demands, and deserves, our best. We do not honor God when we give Him anything less. We strive for excellence in all things, so that He is truly glorified. This includes the best utilization of our time, our talent and our financial resources.Adult Choir
  8. Integrity — We seek to live our lives with Christ as our model — to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. We believe our lives should bear witness to our faith.

Our Vision

First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, will be known as a church that…

  • …preserves its past while embracing the future, successfully integrating history and tradition with change and innovation.
  • …worships together regularly in ways that engage every member of our church family and attracts others, of all generations, to join us.
  • …calls its members to live together in community, caring for each other, and united in worship, ministry and mission.
  • …trains and equips all members of its congregation to know Christ and to make Christ known.
  • …uses its resources to serve others, in this community and around the world.
  • …lives out its faith every day, with excellence and integrity, so that our witness will attract others and allow us to grow our ministry and influence across all generations and throughout our community and the world.

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