Justin Near, Interim Website Manager & Editorial Assistant

Justin Near is a local fiber artist and homeschooler who has a passion for sustainability and supporting local and regional communities and economies. Having lived here for almost 13 years, she claims Nashville as her home and can often be found answering other people's questions about where to go and what to see and do in Nashville. She homeschools her own children and teaches many others in the homeschool community and beyond, ranging in classes from handwork (skilled crafts) with the Nashville Waldorf Homeschoolers to survival skills, such as orienteering and fire-starting, with GROW Enrichment, to fiber and wool classes at the Adventure Science Center.

Growing up in the world of ever-changing technology, Justin loves to play around with new technologies. Beginning in 2007 after her oldest daughter was born, Justin began programming websites and has been involved one way or another with websites ever since, most often working with and volunteering for churches and other non-profits. Many of those duties have also carried her into a broader communications world, and as a result, she has done a good deal of photography, writing, and graphic design.

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