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Our Mission: To know Christ, to make Him known, and to exhibit His love
through worship, education and service.

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Thank you for your prayerful consideration of your contribution to God’s work through First Presbyterian Church, Nashville.

The components of our budget express our community’s faith. When you give, every dollar is inspired by God’s vision and linked to our mission. Every gift expresses our joy of responding to God’s generosity to us. We would love to have you join us in supporting this congregation’s mission with your generosity.

Missions – 32%

Our congregation’s work extends far beyond our parish doors. We have provided resources to 36 local, 8 national, and 10 international mission partners. This has our church reaching 15 countries! This budget includes travel expenses for youth and adult mission trips all over the world.

Property – 28%

Our property staff work hard to keep this historic property in excellent working order so that we may perform the work that God is calling us to do. Our facilities provide gathering spaces not only for the FPC family, but also for many other local groups, including Oak Hill School, Room in the Inn, Middle Tennessee Presbytery, and The Cookery.

Education – 18%

Christian education feeds the soul and the mind; it transmits moral character as well as facts. Our budget provides funding for over 2,100 children and adults participating in Sunday School classes, pastor continuing education, Sunday School teacher training, Vacation Bible School, Nursery care, and much more.

Worship – 12%

Worship is the central of our congregation’s work. We have 4,300 members at First Presbyterian Church with over 3,000 worshippers at our Easter Service, over 1,200 worshippers at our Christmas Eve Family Service, and an average of 900 worshipping on Sundays. It is a joy and calling of Christians to profess their faith publicly, and we present on average of 50 children for the sacrament of Baptism each year. This category includes costs for music, concerts, special music programs, bulletins, candles, communion supplies, and seasonal Sanctuary decorations.

Communications/Events – 5%

Our communications keep us informed and connects our congregation. Our First Edition monthly newsletter, Parish News weekly e-mail, church website, and special events, like the Christmas Tree Lighting, enable us to sustain our common life together.

Congregational Care – 5%

Pastoral care at First Presbyterian Church is an essential part of ministry to our church members and to members of our community, as we seek to share God’s love and compassion. We care for others in times of illness, bereavement, and other challenging times. Pastoral staff and church members provide care through visiting the ill, maintaining contact with the elderly on a regular basis, being a friend to the troubled, comforting the grieving, and coordinating support in various life transitions.

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