Stewardship FAQs

What is stewardship?

Generosity and giving is a commitment to be good stewards of our God-given resources. Intentional giving to First Presbyterian places our lives and resources before God as an offering and a shared sacrifice. Gratitude is a natural response to grace, and it is not only a responsibility but a privilege for every member of this church to give back. 

Why does the church need to have a stewardship campaign? 

Each fall, the stewardship campaign asks members of FPC to commit resources for the coming year to support the church’s programs, ministries, outreach, and operations. The stewardship campaign raises awareness among our members of the significance of their ongoing support and encourages a yearly commitment to this particular outpost of God’s kingdom. 

The stewardship campaign’s primary focus is inviting our members to submit a pledge. Pledge commitments provide vital information for the Finance Committee to create a budget for the following year.  

Isn’t it true that a few members give very generously, and my gift is unnecessary?

No. We need everyone in the congregation to give at whatever level they can. Every pledge and every gift counts. The average gift of slightly over $7,500 reflects that many contributions are necessary to meet all the needs and serve all those who have needs. 

Why are you asking for a pledge?

Pledging is a mechanism for planning. We are a church that works best in a climate of information. The more information we have, the better we can plan for the year ahead. Your pledge allows that to happen. We recognize that there are those in our congregation who come from different faith traditions, and some of those traditions don’t include a habit of pledging. Think of your pledge as an estimate of what you can commit under your current circumstances. 

Can I give without making a pledge?

Of course. There are those in our congregation who give regularly but who do not make a pledge. We are enormously grateful for their generosity! However, as stated above, the more information we have to work with when creating the budget, the more accurate the budget will be by anticipating what resources will come in during the year. Pledging enables us to plan our budget more accurately. 

What if my circumstances change during the year?

That is absolutely fine! A pledge estimates what you hope you can give in the coming year. It is an estimate and not a legal document. We recognize that circumstances change and that you may need to amend your original estimate. Let us know the change you anticipate, and we will gladly amend your pledge. 

 How is the church’s budget determined?

The church’s budget consists of several components. These include pledged giving, non-pledged giving, income from the endowment, tuition from early preschool, recreation income, and other income. The Finance Committee, with input from pastoral and staff leadership, has the primary responsibility, with the approval of the Session, for determining the budget each year. 

What size gift is expected?

The average pledged contribution in 2023 was about $7,500. The 2024 stewardship brochure provides a guide to consider what amount works best for you. Your participation, regardless of the amount, will make a difference and is an expression of your gratitude for blessings from God. 

How is my gift used?

All gifts are a recognition and a reflection of our gratitude and God’s boundless grace. Your contribution to First Presbyterian supports all areas of church life: Education and Discipleship, Mission and Service, Worship and Music, Buildings and Security, and Administration and Operations. Each contribution helps ensure the vitality and sustainability of these areas, which are vital to living out our mission. 

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