Week of June 25, 2014

Todd JonesMy Dear Friends,

Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, “The only thing that is constant is change.” Considering he lived several hundred years before the birth of Jesus, he knew not the constant and abiding love of Chr ist. Still, his quote remains truthful to us today as we announce the retirement of two long-serving employees of the church and the restructuring of another’s position.

Amelia Watson has been the face of and a force behind First Presbyterian Church’s Parish Ministry since its inception. She plotted new members and their residences on enormous maps in her office that resembled a war room of church hospitality. She made non-stop phone calls lining up Parish Leaders, and she worked with Sandra Randleman to further the Congregational Care Ministries of FPC, including staffing of our church’s assigned days for the Downtown Presbyterian Church lunch program that feeds Nashville’s homeless.

Perhaps, “Go West!” will be Amelia’s call in retirement, where her daughters Laura and Becky and her two granddaughters live. Or she might taste the peaches in Atlanta and spend time with son Robert and her two grandchildren. Regardless, Amelia takes her quick wit and infectious laugh that echoed the halls of the Administrative Wing to fun and exciting places. And, as a lifelong member of the church with deep family roots here, she will always find her home at First Presbyterian Church.

Using a baseball analogy, Ginny Tindle, who retired at the end of May, has touched all the bases as an employee at First Presbyterian Church. Ginny began as bookkeeper and receptionist in the Recreation Department in 1988. In 1999, she joined the church administrative staff as membership secretary.

Most new and long-time members of the church consider Ginny the first face at First Presbyterian, as she served as Welcome Desk receptionist since 2008. In that role, Ginny took reservations for nearly every event of the church. All have been greeted by her kind voice, her smiling face and gracious offer of assistance at one time or another. If you called, Ginny transferred you to the person or took your Wednesday night dinner reservation. If you had an appointment with a pastor, she pointed the way. Need to visit the Recreation Department? Ginny could give concise directions and let them know you were coming.

Ginny and her husband Don have a daughter Kim and, again with the sports reference, an all-star grandson, who will joyfully occupy much of his beloved grandmother’s time and attention in her retirement.

Heraclitus also wrote, “Everything changes and nothing remains still… You cannot step twice into the same stream.” Again, there is much truth to his philosophy. Kim Rogers steps into the same stream with both feet.

Beginning on July 1, Kim will become full-time Director of Food Services for FPC. While Kim will continue to provide some services for Oak Hill School’s after-school program, her main focus will now become the planning and preparation of nutritious and appealing meals for the church, especially for Wednesday nights. Oak Hill School recently made the decision to outsource its food services for daily meal preparation, and FPC is the beneficiary. Kim brings a “can do” attitude to everything she does, and we are delighted that she will now have considerably more time and energy to devote to our own needs.

The FPC congregation and staff applauded the hard work and dedication of these three members of our community. Amelia, Ginny and Kim, we pray for God’s guidance and strength for you in these new endeavors.

With Love and Prayers,

Todd Jones

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