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Funerals & Memorial Services


Upon the death of a loved one, a pastor of the church should be notified as soon as possible. Our pastors also desire to know of those who need comfort and counsel as they face death. By being involved early in situations of death or impending death, the pastor can help with the necessary decisions regarding service arrangements and care for the spiritual needs of those involved.

To contact a pastor, call the church at 615-383-1815. There is always a pastor on call for after-hours emergencies. Call the church and follow the prompts to contact the on-call pastor.

Funeral and Memorial Services

We will make every effort to make available the First Presbyterian Church pastor you wish to lead funeral services at First Presbyterian Church. All services are services of worship for the community of faith, and each is a Service of Witness to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

  • A Funeral is a worship service where the body is present in a casket and is concluded with a Service of Committal at the burial site. 
  • A Memorial Service is a worship service where the body is not present, and interment of the remains in a Service of Committal has either preceded the service or will take place at a later time. 
  • A Graveside Service is a service that takes place at the burial site, with the Service of Committal being part of the service.

A Service of Witness to the Resurrection

The Service of Witness to the Resurrection begins with scriptural sentences. It is appropriate for worshippers to sing hymns, psalms, or spiritual songs that affirm God’s power over death, a belief in the resurrection to life everlasting, and the assurance of the communion of saints. Scripture shall be read; a sermon or other exposition of the Word may be proclaimed; and an affirmation of faith may be made by the people. Aspects of the life of the one who has died may be recalled. Prayers shall be offered, giving thanks to God. The service ends by commending the one who has died to the care of the eternal God and sending the people forth with a benediction.

Service Locations

The church’s Sanctuary and Stanford Chapel are appropriate places for a Funeral or Memorial Service. Here on the church property is where we worship every Sunday, where we baptize our children, celebrate marriage, gather at the Lord’s Table, remember the love and grace of God. In this place we have tangible reminders of the “great cloud of witnesses” that surround us and the community of faith that supports us with compassion and love. The Stanford Chapel has a capacity of 100 people and the Sanctuary has a capacity of 800 people.


The Cheek House and Courtenay Hall serve as warm and familiar spaces for visitation with family and friends. For services in the Chapel, it is recommended that visitation be held in the Cheek House. For services in the Sanctuary, it is recommended that visitation be held in Courtenay Hall. During the visitation, a dedicated member of the church’s Bereavement Committee will be present to provide assistance to the family and guide visiting guests. If not provided by the funeral home, the committee also offers guest books for guests to sign. The family may also choose to bring pictures of the loved one for display on tables during the visitation and/or a slide show.

Costs and Fees 

There are no charges or fees for use of the church’s facilities or the services of the pastors. Costs to the family will be for flowers the family provides at the service and for musicians or vocalists the family may request. Any honorarium the family may wish to give musicians or vocalists who are church employees should be made payable by check to the First Presbyterian Church. Musicians or vocalists who are not church employees should be contacted directly regarding fees. If the family wishes, pastors may also be given honorariums, payable by check. Honorariums are optional, and the amount is at the family's discretion.

Congregational Care Staff

Dr. Sandra Randleman

Associate Pastor for Congregational Care & Missions

Sandra Randleman has served as the Associate Pastor for Congregational Care and Discipleship since 1999. Her areas of responsibility include congregational care, support groups, and missions.

Charlotte Schierbaum

Ministry Assistant for Congregational Care

Charlotte supports congregational care, other caregiving ministries, the columbarium, and New Officer Training.

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